Clinical pastoral education

The Pastoral Care Team at Royal Perth Hospital offer competency-based, transformative education for healthcare professionals, spiritual and religious caregivers, educators, counsellors and others who tend to people during key moments of the human experience.

The courses are based on a model of professional education used by accredited education programs across Australia and around the world. The team integrate competency-based skills seminars, case presentations, and hands-on practical experience with formative experience in reflective practice, mindfulness, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

What we teach


The curriculum includes a wide variety of topics which are applicable in the work of caring for others, including:

  • spiritual dynamics
  • human personality development
  • applied spirituality
  • professional identity formation
  • addiction
  • mental illness
  • multiculturalism
  • grief
  • compassion fatigue
  • self-care.

The curriculum is taught using a combination of seminars, structured case studies, open process groups, role play and video analysis.

Practice placement

The practice placement offers invaluable opportunities to interact with people in a variety of situations.  Our students experience the rhythms and routines of the hospital and they experience what it is like to function as a valued member of an interdisciplinary team.

A full course requires a minimum of 400 hours of supervised education.

Field placements, such as a student’s place of employment, can be arranged on an individual basis.


A variety of full-time, part-time and one-off courses and seminars are on offer throughout the year.

Full time courses are typically offered over an eleven week period during the summer months.

Part-time programs are usually five-months in duration, with classroom activities scheduled either one evening per week, or during three-day blocks once per month.

For both programs there are typically twelve clinical hours per week which can be scheduled to suit the student’s availability.

Many of the courses count for academic credit in local schools and universities.

Shorter programs and one off seminars focus on a particular professional competencies or issues including:

  • biomedical ethics
  • bereavement and loss
  • aged care
  • children’s and school chaplaincy
  • emotional intelligence.

Please contact us for more information about academic credit and our relationships with local education institutions.

Credit for each course is conferred by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education in Western Australia.


When you are ready to submit an application, please review the following information and complete the forms.  We will send a confirmation when your application is received, and will contact you regarding next steps.

Please note: the requirement that the processes for background checks, health screenings and immunisations must be initiated prior to scheduling an interview, and must be completed and documented prior to the beginning of the course.

For any questions or further information please contact Clinical Pastoral Educator Michael Hertz on 9224 2482.


Level 4, N Block
Colonial House
Wellington Street campus

Phone: 9224 2482