Royal Perth Hospital works closely with a range of health professionals including General Practitioners, allied health practitioners, nurses and medical professionals to provide excellence in service delivery and care for patients.

Photo of Aresh Anwar ​ 
Dr Aresh Anwar ​ 
​Executive Director  ​
 ​  ​
Photo of Lesley Bennett Photo of Maha Rajagopal
Dr Lesley Bennett ​​Dr Maha Rajagopal
Director of Clinical Services​ Director of Nursing and Patient Support Services

Co-Directors at Royal Perth Hospital

Service 1

Photo of Linda Brearley ​ 
Linda Brearley ​ 
Service Director  

Clinical Operations

Photo of Angela Gee ​ 
Angela Gee ​ 
Service Director  

Service 3

Photo of Louise Tomlinson Photo of Alex Jaworska
Louise Tomlinson Dr Alex Jaworska
Service Director Medical Director

Service 4

Photo of Doris Lombardi Photo of Grant Waterer
Doris Lombardi Dr Grant Waterer
Service Director Medical Director